21 January 2010

Free online Learning: Learn English language - Guess a word

In order to increase our English vocabulary, "guess a word" plays an important role on it. It is quite often to heard from somebody who seems know lots of vocabularies, but saying that he or she just guesses the meaning of a word. It is very frustration at the first time for me because I thought they were selfish and not willing to teach me the way he or she have used to memorizing those seldom used vocabularies. Finally, I find out a guild line to guess a word as illustrated below.

There are two important points, prefix and suffix, which are use to alter the meaning to a word by add them before and after the word, respectively. For instance, sur-, which is a prefix, means additional. Therefore, the word surcharge has a meaning of additional charge. The -let, on the other hand, which is a suffix, means small or unimportant. As a result, the word, booklet, has a meaning of small book.



ame said...

Hmm interesting.. I just knew that pseudo- means false and -let means small, unimportant.. Nice info :) It's very useful to improve my English :)

Xaivier Chia said...

Indeed, there are a lot of things waiting for us to learn about.

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