23 February 2010

Couple Relationship Tips: Improve your relationship with commitment approach

In my last post, "Couple Relationship Tips: Boost your relationship during Valentine's day?", I have stated out two effective tips to improve relationship via communication effectively with each other and build a good habit together.

This article depicts how to bring your relationship forward via commitment approach by answering the questions of "what is commitment in a relationship?" and "how to use commitment to boost your relationship?"

1. What is commitment in a relationship?
According to theory of love developed by psychologist Robert Sternberg, commitment encompasses, in the short term, the decision to remain with another, and in the long term, the shared achievements and plans made with that other.

On advertisement perspective, commitment is buying a big diamond ring to your partner, to have an unforgeable marriage ceremony, to buy 9999 roses for your partner, to have a dinner at 5 stars hotel etc. Since all of them need quite a lot of money, is this mean commitment equals to money? The more money you spend, the more commitment you have given to your partner? My answer is definitely NO.

Personally, commitment is an action. Having a marriage ceremony is an action to show your commitment to your partner in front of your relative and friends. Having a ring is an action to show that you are not available and you are not interested in other relationship. To reject an invitation from your ex or other handsome man or beautiful girl is an action to show how strong your commitment and confidence on current relationship.

2. How to use commitment to boost your relationship?
Let your partner know where you are and what you are doing to avoid he or she to worry about you. You should take initiative to tell your partner to show your commitment.

Show your commitment to bring happiness to your partner instead of disaster, such as get rid of your bad habit, quit your cigarette habit, invest your time properly to create wealth which will increase your quality of life.

Remember, if you are really serious about your relationship, do your homework and spend more time with your partner to improve your understanding with each other. Nothing good will come to your life spontaneously unless you put your enough effort to pursuit them.

Good luck and have a nice day^^

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Written by: Xaivier Chia

Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triangular_theory_of_love
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ame said...

Sweet.. commitment.. it's very important but not easy to do >_< But I can be proud of my boyfriend ^_^ He can keep his commitment and teach me about commitment also ^_^

Sweet post xaivier :D

Xaivier Chia said...

Hi, Ame.

Firstly, congratulation about your relationship. It is really difficult to find a committed man nowadays.

Indeed, the good thing in life never come to us easily. Commitment and persistent are the only way for us to reach and enjoy them in our life.

Keep it up^^.

amelia said...

Thx xaivier ^_^ I'll keep my commitment for him also ^_^

samirita goll said...

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