18 February 2010

Matlab tips: Transferring Simulink Scope data to Matlab Workspace

In Matlab, you can transfer your Simulink scope data to the Matlab Workpace.

This post shows how to transfer the output graph of a scope to Workspace in such a way that you can avoid unnecessary usage of ink and make more analysis on your Matlab Simulink simulation.

First of all, double click the scope in your Simulink then select "Data history".

In this section: 

  Firstly, check the "Save data to workspace" box
      Then, enter your desired variable name
          After that, change its format to "Array" as shown in diagram below.

Next, go back your main page or Workspace,  
            then select your variable  
                and click the graph icon as illustrated in the picture below.

Finally, your result will be pop-out after few second. Good luck and have a nice day^^.

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Written by: Xaivier Chia

First edited at 29th Jan 2011 - Reason: To make it more reader-friendly.



Anonymous said...

You sir are awesome. Might also be worth mentioning that the Scope 1 parameters dialog box can be gotten to by clicking the Parameters button in the Scope Output Plot (black window with yellow line) - I was looking for it by right clicking the Scope object in Simulink

Mohsen Shahsavari said...

very niceeeeeeeeeeeee your excellently sir

Ali Osman Hoca said...

How I can plot the data in the workspace? (Real-time)

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