17 October 2010

Debit Card: Shell Vs Petronas - Different First Charge Rate and Refund Period (Malaysia)

I am used to using my debit card for buying petrol or gas to avoid running out of cash and to earn some bonus points. It was quite normal for me when the Shell charged RM200.00 initially when I used my debit card to purchase petrol. Then, the money (RM200.00) will be returned to my account and the price of the petrol will be paid from my account within three working days. In other words, we need to put RM200.00 "deposit" when buying petrol from Shell via debit card. I was thinking that every petrol station will do the something as what Shell do until I used my debit card in Petronas recently.

Surprisingly, the deposit for Petronas is only RM150.00 and the deposit will be returned only within one working day. A summary of these two companies is shown below:

Company Initial Deposit Deposit Return Period
Shell RM 200 3 working days
Petronas RM 150 1 working day

Sometimes, I was just wondering why the Shell need to have such high deposit and such long period for transaction. However, it should not be a problem as long as the bank account of the debit card is enough to pay this deposit. Otherwise, one might required to pay interest due to overdue or borrowing money from the bank to pay this kind of deposit. It is not very wisely since the interest rate is very high.

To sum up, debit card is a very useful tool just like what credit card do. But, we need to very careful and alert the amount in the account to avoid paying unnecessary interest due to overdue or borrowing money from the bank. That's all for today. Feel free to give me a comment about this topic or any suggestion about Xaivier Blog. It will be a great support to Xaivier Blog.

Written by: Xaivier Chia

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how to apply this debit card? from which bank or how? could you please write more about it?

Xaivier Chia said...

Hi there,

I think most of banks provide debit card. Simply go to your nearest bank and ask them about debit card.

The procedure is as simple as fill-in a form and submit it to the bank.

Good luck.

izhar's corner said...

is it deposit for the first time of buying petrol or every single time purchasing it will deduct RM200 and will be returned for the next 3 days for shell? aiyooo..

Xaivier Chia said...

Hi izhar,

Supposedly, all petrol station will deduct a total of RM200 (or more or less) when you use your debit card to buy petrol in credit card manner.

After you pump your desired amount of petrol, bank will return the remainder payment (say, 200 minus cost of petrol) to your account after around 3 working days (depends on bank).

So, please make sure your account has enough money for them to deduce and check your bill carefully if you want to use debit card.

All the best.

izhar's corner said...
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Xaivier Chia said...

Hi izhar,

The deduction is just like pre-paid manner.

So, it means that you will need to pre-pay RM200 before pump petrol to your vehicle. Any remainder amount will be returned to your account after certain working days (normally 3 working days).

All the best.

Lydia Elmi said...

Hi xiavier,
Its been 12 days since i first used my debit card to pump petrol n petronas still hasnt returned me my deposit amount of Sgd64. Sucks right?

Xaivier Chia said...

Hi Lydia Elmi,


That's why we need to keep our receipt and transaction record to handle this kind of matter.

Just drop them an email or call about this matter. Again, it is going to take few weeks for them to correct their mistake.

Now, I only use credit card to avoid this kind of bad experience in my life.


Khai Wei said...

Hi xaivier ! Sry for interrupting but do we need to go to the bank or petrol station after been deducted Rm200 ?

eintbosan said...

Hey you, thanks for the write up. I never knew that shell would need a RM 200 deposit from my debit card. I was extremely shocked because I just lost 200 ringgit from my debit card started to panic out until I found this article.this is the new information for me thanks a lot it really means a lot thanks!

Xaivier Chia said...

Hi Khai Wei,

Based on my opinion, I think we need to ensure our bank account has sufficient cash (i.e. RM200 + cash for petrol) to be "temporarily" debit. This is because if our account does not have enough money, it will be negative and interest may be charged.

p/s: for more accurate information, please contact the responding bank about this matter. My practice is always make sure the account have enough balance to be debit to avoid potential penalty.

Best wishes.

Xaivier Chia said...

Hi Khai Wei,

No for three working days. After that, say the fifth working day, the balance is still not yet credited to your account, then you need to call the bank to remind them to bank-in the balance.

In short, always check your account transaction history when you use debit card. Of course, it would be a good practice to trace our financial activities from time to time.

sabre said...

06 september 2015.
hi guys..
its raining here in kota kinabalu, its a lovely night..
before dinner i went out to get something for my old man and made a pit stop at my front view Petronas Station @ Jln Tuanran Likas for petrol.. i went to pump 5 and the time was 8:01PM. i decided to use my Maybank Visa debit card for my convenience. once my Maybank Visa Debit Card approved i've purchase 13.012 litter @ RM 25.37 of petrol PRIMAX 95.
on my way towards my dad house, i wanted to get a slice of cheese cake for my dad n stop by at Maybank Penampang Branch approximately 8 - 10 minit after my fuel pump. knowing i have about RM170 left in my savings account, i wanted to withdraw RM100 from my savings but rejected and find out my savings only left RM4. i was shock n pretty down for unable to met my dad this weekend.
ive tried to call Maybank infoline few times but cannot get thru.. i imediately drove back to the Petronas Station Jln Tuaran to inquirer more information if there any mistake from my side or the fuel pump has system error..
as i about to explain to the Petronas personnel ,the person in charge had an impression that im about to claim money lost due to pumping fuel by using Maybank Visa debit card. immediately i request to fail complain thru the Petronas Station operator as expecting better service near future. there was no standard complain form of this command problem that faces by the consumer / tax payer.
the person in charge @ Petronas Dadangan Personnel were trying to calm my panic emotion due to monetary lost and knowing its been stolen by giving assurance that i will get back my money in 24 hours.. this is illegal,its not a right thing to happen, no notice or any such warning were place at the fuel pump or even anywhere around the Petronas station. i am not happy nor accpeting this such comand default or system error or unintentioanly stealing or intentionally stealing from my savings account with lifetime preferred and proud Bank of my choice, Malayan Banking Berhad ( Maybank ).
i am being sussius and with fullheart will make sure im satisfied with the up coming justification by all parties ( Maybank, Petronas Dadangan, Petronas Station Operator, Bank Negara or any suruhanjaya berkenaan.) . i will appologies if the result of my complaint is my own faulth . and these no intention to accuse wrong doing done by the parties ive mention( Maybank, Petronas Dadangan, Petronas Station Operator, Bank Negara or any suruhanjaya berkenaan.). Its only right ! when there's compensation and redemption as an improvement done due from the unpleasant error and our complaint's as the consumer nationwide. if there no solution to imporve the moneytary service system, then the petrol station should give a away free 24 hours stay at a 5 star hotel for consumer consideration offer..hehehe ( im still not happy) good night guys...

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