09 October 2010

Time Management: 8 Useful Tips for Moms to Manage Their Time

Eight useful time management tips in this post will help every mom to make her time effectively and efficiently in such ways that all domestic responsibilities, kids’ needs, and even tasks at work can be done without affect the relationship with spouse.

1. Get organized
A well organized day will help every mom get away from the stress of failing to remember a number of appointments, unfinished tasks, and forgetting other relevant activities. This can be done by making a ‘to do list’ as a guide of the things that you need to finish during the day.

2. Multitask
Multitask such as doing one simple task with another that needs more focus can be considered as the surest and safest way. For instance, cleaning your kitchen counter top while making a phone call. However, you should stop multitask once you feel that you become agitated by doing two tasks at a time.

3. Delegate household responsibilities
Guess what, just delegating household responsibilities to the entire family members. Simply making a suggestion to your next family meeting.

4. Develop household shortcuts
Think of a way to finish your tasks faster without losing the quality of your work. For example, you can implement your own way of clearing clutter, cleaning the windows, washing the dishes, dusting your furniture, and doing the laundry.

5. Focus on priorities
Just say 'NO' to others' requests if you need to attend to more important things that are top priority to you.

6. Follow a routine
Having a routine is a good idea to prevent any waste of mental energy. For example, you can schedule your time for menu planning, going grocery shopping, running errands, and other essential activities.

7. Be flexible
Besides, you must bend to unexpected situations so you can cope with them. You should bear in mind that there always has unforeseen things that might come up even you have your own set schedule.

8. Indulging yourself
Lastly, do not forget to relieve yourself of stress. Besides having a good night sleep and a healthy diet, you can also spend time alone reflecting, meditating and journaling your thoughts. Indulging in a home spa and engaging in various exercise programs are also good example to relieve yourself of stress.

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