19 November 2010

Check Blacklists and View Vehichle PDRM Summon Online: Malaysia

I just discover that the road tax of my vehicle can only be renewed for six months (normally it would be 12 months). The reason is: Outstanding summon has not been cleared. The issue date of this summon is March 2009. Once upon a time... . But I must admit that nothing has been received about this summon... So, what should I do? The answer is: Just pay it for the sake of time saving...

In order to avoid this kind of "long long ago trouble" occur again, I registered an PDRM Summons Alert, https://jpj.myeg.com.my/PrepaiduserReg/. This service is free and an email will send out if one has any new summons

Besides, summon checking service is also available at  http://www.rilek.my/webapps/pdrm/index.php

Discount? I do not think so.

Other useful links for those are interested in:
FAQ - JPJ Summons : http://www.myeg.com.my/index.php/en/faq/jpj-summons
FAQ - PDRM Summons : http://www.myeg.com.my/index.php/en/faq/pdrm-summons

That's all for today. I hope I will never ever receive this kind of trouble by driving carefully and abiding by the rule.

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Written by: Xaivier Chia



Xaivier Chia said...


Effective 1st December 2010, PDRM is offering an incentive on compound rates for all types of
traffic summons issued –

1. All summons issued on or before 30th November 2010 :
* A rate reduction from the original compound
2. All summons issued after 30th November 2010 :
* Summons settled within 15 days will be offered a 50% incentive from the original compound
* Summons settled within 16 to 30 days will be offered a 30% incentive from the original compound
* Unsettled summons within the 30 days ARE NOT entitle for an incentive and will be immediately black listed

(source: http://app1.myeg.com.my/index.html)

Xaivier Chia said...

Summons Checking Service (MyEG Services Berhad.):


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