26 November 2010

Storytelling - A Better Way to Selling Your Idea

Storytelling is a way of communication. The advantage of storytelling is it can be applied in almost any situation and circumstance, such as to be the introduction or the end of a public speaking. People love fantastic stories. However, telling a convincing and interesting story is not a easy task. One of the important method for telling a good story is having an attractive storyline.

Storyline is a framework from the beginning to the end of your story. It describes the sequence of the story in such a way that your listeners have a whole picture about what you want to tell them. It is similar to the way that how engineers and architects build a house, mall, or airport. All of them cannot be done without a proper procedure from foundation to the top of building.

One of the basic framework of storyline is begin with a digestible introduction before go to the contents, and then end up with a reasonable conclusion.

1. Introduction
At the beginning of a story, basic information such who is the main character, where is the place, condition etc, must be described properly in such a way that listeners have a better idea about what is going to tell. Therefore, this is a very crucial part to determine whether the listeners will put attention to the story.

2. Contents
After successfully attracting the attention of listeners, the following steps is keep guiding the listeners from beginning of the story into the situation or events one after one. Again, the sequence is very important to avoid your listeners lose direction in the maze. Yes, all you need to do is directing the listeners experience and enjoy the way go out from the venture maze.

3. Conclusion
Last but not least, don't forget to let the listeners know they are already go out the "maze".

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Written by: Xaivier Chia

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