05 May 2011

Experience Sharing: Ones Determination is Stronger than the Help from Other

When I was in secondary school, I was very bad. To me, teachers were stupid because they always said something I did not know in the class. As a result, the only motivation for me to go to school was chatting with friends. Computer game was everything in my life. I was thinking to be the best game player among my friends. In fact, I was satisfied be the best in the virtual world. Therefore, I spent most of my time to "train" myself succeed in virtual world.

In this period of time, my parents were so worry about my future and they had no idea how to guide me to the right direction. Luckily, something "miracle" happened in my life after I went for a part-time job during school holiday.

My first part-time job was been a "robot" in an electronic manufacturer. My job scope was simply put electronic components in the right position of a PCB board. I must admit that I was quite hard-working because I got all "Over-Time bonus" in the two months part-time job. In the moment, miracle did not happen and change my life.

The second part-time job was been an assistant of fish seller. My job scope was to pick up fishes from the store to the stall. After that, I need to arrange the fishes probably in such a way that customers will buy them. Besides, I also need to cut fish and stores fish. Again, nothing changed my life.

The most significant part-time job I got was working in KL. This is because I need to live alone in the city. My job scope was to help land surveyor to mark points based on his instruction under the big hot sun. In order to protect my skin, I wore three jackets and two caps to cover my body and face from direct sunshine. Although the income was not bad, the circumstance of the workplace forced me to do something else, such as to further pre-university study. Besides, living alone in the city gave me more time to think about my future. Maybe, it is the benefit from getting out from conform-zone. During the period of time working and living in the city, I was constantly asking myself, "Is it the life I want to the rest of my life?" and "If not, what should I do to get what I want?"

After came back from the job, I decided to do something, such as achieving excellent academic results. This was because the only opportunity I had was to further study. As a result, I put all my time and energy in my study. No more virtual game. No more nonsense chatting. Besides, I even did not take any tuition class to save some money to buy something to reward myself from time to time. This is because I believe “ones determination is more powerful than the help from other”. Finally, my results proved I am correct. After that, the momentum keeps going endlessly...

I still believe that "ones determination is more powerful than the help from other". Do you?

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Written by: Xaivier Chia


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