21 December 2012

Six Difficult Essay Topics to Write About

Writing essays is part of student-life, whether you are in primary school or at graduate level.  One would think that since we were taught early on the basics of essay writing, it would be easier to do in the long run.  However, that isn’t the case. 

Having worked as a professional writer, I guess I’ve seen lots of challenging assignments. When being asked, I’m proposing the next list of complicated essay topics a student may be asked to write:

1.  Disadvantages of adding emulsifiers to food

Biology or Food Technology students may not find this difficult to answer.  For an ordinary student lacking a scientific background, however, this may prove to be a trickier assignment.  According to the Food Information website, emulsifiers are molecules with one water-loving (hydrophilic) and one oil loving (hydrophobic) end. That is only the definition; now try to explain the disadvantages in approximately 2,000 words.

2.  Advantage and disadvantage of Future Space Tourism

Topics about space is as varied as just about anything.  Space tourism on the other hand is a novelty, especially since it has only recently arisen as a concept.  Some students may find this impossible to discuss since no one has any practical experience about it yet, although it seems as if it will be prohibitively expensive for all but a handful of the mega-rich.  It may be difficult to discuss this topic without sounding like fiction.

3.  Describe with examples the importance of recognizing and responding to concerns about children and young people’s development.

Even if you have a PhD in Psychology, this may indeed be difficult to write about.  After all, it’s not just a challenging topic, but in part it has to be also addressed from the perspective of a child.  This can mean that there is an unbridgeable gulf in the search for valid examples.

4.  Depiction of Fatherhood in Little Women and Treasure Island

Some students struggle with character analysis in a single novel, something that is understandable when there are so many characters involved.  So it’s not surprising that they would find it a bit arduous to discuss the depiction of fatherhood in two very contrasting novels.

5.  Analysis of an ex-husband (Poem by Gabriel Spera)

Analyzing a poem is never easy, whether it is a poem written in the Romantic period or modern poetry.  The same goes for the poem Analysis of an ex-husband written by New Jersey poet, Gabriel Spera.  After all Canadian poet, John Barton once said – No poem is easily grasped, so why should any reader expect fast results?  

6.  How should society assign value to human life?

This is a deeply controversial topic, not least of all in the very definition of ‘life’.  After all, it covers highly contentious moral subjects such as punishment of serious offences, care of the elderly, abortion and euthanasia.

Some students may not find the topics mentioned here are difficult to write.  In the end, without a grasp of the basic tools of successful essay writing, and the importance of doing thorough research, all topics (even the easy ones) would be indeed challenging.


Author bio:
 Edward Blazinski is a freelance writer.
He is currently working for bestessays.com


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