05 December 2012

Guest Post: Review and Appreciation 2012

In order to provide sufficient fascinating original articles in Xaivier Blog, Guest Post service has been established to accept world wide authors who are interested in sharing their ideas with the readers via this blog. The objective of this blog is simple - sharing personal points of view that will benefit to readers ultimately. Therefore, we are strongly negative to those self-interested sharings.

This post reviews their works to appreciate their contributions that have benefit to many readers.


Xaivia Lim shared her experiences from the "English for Career Search" Class. She found out that that we should never ever limit our job search to one field only; and always be prepared with any questions during interview. Barbara Jolie recommended the four free online classes that will improve your finance and investment skills, that are Economics, Investments, Real estate finance and investment, and investment risk courses. Links are provided so that readers can easily go and visit those useful and free online classes. Mariana Ashley provided three investment advices that beginners need to knowMaria Rainier pointed out the factors that should be considered before before jumping ship and selling off your Apple stock. Last but not least, Ann Hall has provided 5 useful writing tips for bloggers to increase the quality of blogs.


Why should I submit my original article to Xaivier Blog? First, your article will immediately indexed by Google. Second, as a return, one link is allowed to be listed in the article free-of-charge. Third, we always proof read your work first to avoid careless mistakes to may degrade readers' impression. As you can see, this is a win-win situation. More information about Guest Post service can be found at Guest Post page.

Written by: Xaivier Chia


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