25 February 2013

Remove Ubuntu from Dual Boot Windows 7 without re-install the OS

Finally, I succeeded to remove Ubunte without re-install my Windows 7. The main reason I removed Ubuntu is lots things are needed to be settled up for me to make Ubuntu smooths my daily routine. Since I already spend more than one year to settle a personal system in my Windows 7 and I am quite satisfied its performance, I will only re-test Ubuntu when the time is allow in the future.
This post records some important steps for me to remove Ubuntu from dual boot Windows 7 64-bit.

1. Create a system repair disc

>>Start =>Control panel =>Backup and Restore =>Create a system repair disc

A system repair disc is needed if you do not have windows OS installation CD. To create a system repair disc, you only need a blank CD-R.

2. Restart and Boot the System repair disc

After that, restart the computer and press F12 to boot the CD-R. Note: Since it should dependent on a particular OS or hardware, you may be required to press other functional key to boot the CD-R.

3. Fix the boot setting and MBR

>>Boot the CD-R => select "Repair computer" => select "Command Prompt" => In the command prompt, please type the following code:

>>bootrec /fixboot
>>bootrec /fixmbr

4. Restart and free (delete) the unwanted partition

 After restart your computer, the dual boot selection should be eliminated and your computer should direct you to Windows 7 OS. In the Windows 7, you can remove the unwanted partition that contained Ubuntu OS or Ubuntu Swap and re-use it for your Windows.

>>Select "Start" => select "Control panel" => select "Adminstrative Tools" => select "Computer Management"-> select "Disc Management": Then, you need to delete the "Volume" and "Partition" of the unwanted partition.

Other information: Error 0x4001100200001012 when using Windows 7 System Repair Disc

This error has been solved by using an iso file of "windows-7-64-bit-repair-disc" from Internet. This is because a direct burning the "system repair disk" from Windows 7 damaged my CD-R. One possible reason is the burning speed was too fast (maybe my CD-R was too weak or my DVD drive was too fast). After downloading the iso system repair file, I used a free software (FreeISOBurner) to burn the ISO file to a blank CD-R.
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Written by: Xaivier Chia

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