13 April 2013

The 5 Money Personalities - Speaking the Same Love and Money Language: Review


Scott Palmer and Bethany Palmer present the five money personalities, that are, saver, spender, risk taker, security seeker, and flyer, in this book. Instead of explaining the ways to earn, invest or manage our money, authors highlight the importance of UNDERSTANDING the ways people use their money. This book provides ways that help us to identify our and other people money personalities in such ways that the conflict that due to misunderstanding can be avoided. Consequently, it improves our relationship.

This book is not suitable for those who want to learn the ways of optimising or managing or earning money. This book, in fact, aims to improve your understanding of the ways people use their money so that we will less frustration when we see other approach their money with a very different way as us.
By understanding these five money personalities, we will understand the ways people make money decisions. Ultimately, your relationship is expected to be improved by avoiding unnecessary conflicts that caused by misunderstanding.

Reviews and insights:

I quite agree with authors' augments about the importance of understanding other people behaviour in money management. Initially, I was looking for ways to improve my financial intelligent in terms of earning, investing or managing money. It turns out I was directed by myself in a wrong way because the ultimate goal to be wealthy or financial freedom is to let us to have time to do the things we like to do.
Money never solves a problem. A problem that can be solved by money is no longer a problem. I believe it is true because many the rich still struggles in their life and relationships.   

Understanding, on the other hand, can reduce conflicts, and ultimately eliminates problems in our life. Indeed, I have many such experiences to turn problems into challenges by understanding their hidden or invisible mechanism. For example, if we understand that die is an uncontrollable nature process, then we will always be very peace of mind to face it without worry or frustration. This happens on our relationship as well. If you have a relationship problem, I encourage you (both of you) to understand your money personalities (that is, the way you use your money) first. 
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Review by: Xaivier Chia

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