16 May 2013

8 Reasons to Invest Gold - the World’s Most Stable Investment

In the past, the trend was to buy US dollars during financial crisis or uncertainty. However, it is clear to see that this currency holds little value for many investors.  Since this currency may not be on top forever, many investors are turning to alternative means of investing to safeguard their nest eggs.

Gold is one of the most attractive investments at a time where both currency markets and real estate are volatile. Many banks are making the transition from capital investment to gold seamless and easy. It makes sense for many investors, especially those with global bank accounts with different currencies. 
There are 8 good reasons show that international investors are using gold in ways to avoid long-term financial troubles as follows:
  1. Gold can be volatile but international investors discover it to be more stable over long periods of time.
  2. In the event of a bankruptcy, gold is not likely to be seized by the bank.
  3. Having a nest egg in gold can function as an ‘air-bag’ to protect from the blow of bankruptcy, as it was likely to be worth far more than initially invested at the time of extraction or conversion.
  4. People who are generally not as good at saving on their own have a barrier to access when money is converted into an investment. Investment in gold is far less risky than one in currencies or real estate in today’s global economic climate.
  5. Gold is a good option for people with international lifestyles or people coming from different countries and economies. They can be couples who are starting their life together or business partners. Having one consistent currency protects against the economic dangers of their respective countries and economies. 
  6. Gold is one of currency options that is not driven or influenced by any government.
  7. ‘Fiat’ currencies are now flooding the marketplace and are subject to government turmoil and upset. They are only given value based on the government’s decree.  If this government loses power, so does the country’s money.
  8. The creation of too much currency while  not supported by actual value (in the form of gold and silver) causes hyperinflation. Hyperinflation is a predecessor to an unstable economy.  Those living or investing in such a country may find it wise to have gold or silver to avoid bankruptcy in one country by being able to liquidate their investments in another. 
Most importantly, gold is fast becoming easier to purchase.  There are a number of companies (such as Ausmint ) that provide opportunities to buy gold in relatively small quantities daily.
Written by,
Sharon Freeman
Sharon Freeman is an Australian freelance writer who writes professionally about investment trends and information for companies like www.ausmint.com.


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