15 May 2013


I must admit that I was frustrated when I saw some strange debit transactions after using Paypal and Ebay on 18 April 2013 as follows :

SALE EBAY.COM.MY\\SAN JOSE\number DATED 18/04/13 RM3.00PREAUTH SALE PAYPAL\\number\ DATED 18/04/13 US$1.00 RM1.02
Even though I cannot find any official information these kinds of transaction from Paypal and Ebay website, some people highlighted that these were for verification only and will be refunded after few weeks. Since the amount is now significant, I decided to wait and see.
Finally,  the statement of my debit card showed the following credit transactions on 4 May 2013:

REV PREAUTH PAYPAL\\number\ DATED 18/04/13 US$1.00 RM1.02
Note: number is not stated here because it should be confidential.

Therefore, it should be true that these two transactions are refundable and will be refunded after around 3 weeks, by Ebay and Paypal, respectively, for Malaysian users.

The SALES EBAY.COM.MY should be the verification for first-time users who listed their items in ebay.com.my. After few days, the representative of ebay will call user for verification. 

The PREAUTH PAYPALshould be the verification for first-time users who made a transaction by their paypal account. My account was charged twice by Paypal for the verification. Of course, all of them have been refunded.

There is another verification by Paypal of RM10 for debit or credit card. Unfortunately, the refund will be credited to Paypal account, instead of bank account.

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Written by: Xaivier Chia

P/S: The above sharing is solely based on personal insight and information that believed to be reliable. Your valuable feedback are very welcome.


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Afshin said...

I had same problem in same bank (MayBank) and just like you, they refunded mine after 17 days. meanwhile, in the below link there is an explanation about what exactly happened in this process and it state maybe refunded your account take long time by 30 days!

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