17 September 2010

5 Interesting Choices to Make Special Personalized Baby Gifts

Personalized gifts, such as adding baby's name on gifts, mirror the uniqueness of every baby. In fact, they will absolutely give more value to the gift and to you when they are old enough to understand the designs and name prints on their gifts. Here are some suggestions which you can used to make a meaningful personalized gift to your baby.

1. Personalized Music CD
This cute gift can be done by compiling a number of baby instrumental music in a CD and using a CD labeler to print the baby's nickname and the title you might want on the CD.

2. Personalized Gift Basket
Five simple steps below shown how to make a personalized gift basket.

i.  Paint a wicker basket with either pink or blue, whichever is applicable.
ii. Place a colored baby wash cloth inside the basket to serve as the lining.
iii.Place some small baby toys inside.
iv.Arrange them in such a way to make it look attractive.
v. Some baby soap, baby lotion and baby oil can also be included in the basket.

Finally, don't forget to make a wonderful imprint of you baby's feet and/or hands.

3. Baby Scrapbook
All you need to do is choosing your desired theme or concept, then buy scrap booking materials in your favorite craft store. After finishing it based on parent's creativity, one should bear in mind that the scrapbook should enough capacity to collect as many photos of the baby as you want. 

4. Personalized Blanket
Personalized blanket is another unique and functional gift which provides a comfort snug on your baby. Besides having the name of the baby embroidered on the blanket, you can even have some messages embroidered on it.

5. Personalized plush toys
It is good idea to embroider the baby's name on the inner ear area of a plush toy. However, parent should make sure that the plush toy is your baby favorite.

There are lots of personalized baby gift ideas you can think of to not only make a special baby's gift, but also to last a lifetime of memories to your baby. Feel free to give me a comment about this topic. It will be a great support to Xaivier Blog.

Review by: Xaivier Chia


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