19 September 2010

Time Management: 5 Helpful Tips to Manage Your Time

Good time management skills are needed for us to accomplish target on time effectively. This is an crucial skill for us to perform better at home, school or work. In this post, five helpful time management tips will be presented in such ways that you will have a better idea to become more efficient and effective with your time.

1. Avoid Being Idle While Waiting
Doing something that you can do while waiting is a good idea to optimize your time. Bring something, such as a report that needs reviewing or notes that you need to go over, that you can work on while you wait.

2. Identify Your Time Wasters
Bad habits such as (1) be glued to the TV set when you are supposed to be finishing homework and (2) be surfing the internet when you are supposed to be working on a business proposal should be eliminated. In order to keep yourself from falling prey to these time wasters, you should be conscious of your behavior and identify what activities distract you or make you unproductive. After that, you can remind yourself by asking yourself "What I am supposed to do now?" when you find yourself doing these time wasting activities.

3. Write Set Your Priorities
As you probably know that sometimes multi-tasking can have bad effects on the quality of your work done. In fact, devoting your time to a few urgent tasks is better than trying to accomplish everything at once. Besides, you will not only end up with less stress, but also perform well in your work. One of the ways to set your priorities is writing down your tasks for the day and arrange them according to their urgency. After that, you can start doing your tasks begin from the most urgent in the day.

4. Allocate Appropriate Time for Each Task
Next, after listing your tasks for the day according to their urgency, you should allocate your time properly. For example, you can set your own deadline for each task and keep track of those tasks constantly in such a way that you will not lose your grip on all the other tasks waiting to be done.

5. Manage yourself
Finally, you should bear in mind that nobody can actually manage time. In fact, what you can manage is only yourself, your habits, and the ways you spend your time.

To sum up, good time management skills will help you become effective and efficient in everything you do. That's all for today. Feel free to give me a comment about this topic or any suggestion about Xaivier Blog. It will be a great support to Xaivier Blog.

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