28 May 2011

A bad day today - Internet Connection + Parking + Fine

In this morning, my internet connection did not work. The software kept search for network endlessly. I was so nervous since I need to send out some important emails and do online transaction.
Without hesitate, I called the hot-line of my internet service. Guess what, this line was really "HOT". I was forced to hear abundant of advertisement before I can ask something about the service. After few minutes of "online Q&A" session, the technical people told me that my device was malfunction, so I need to bring it to their technical office for further investigation and can change a new one.

Since I really want to online immediately, I drove around 25KM to the centre to "further investigation". When I reached, I realize that I need to have a parking coupon to park my car legally. However, who knows where got seller for this kind of coupon. Therefore, I just went into the office and hope to settle the thing immediately.

Within 5 minutes, the people found out that my device was fine and they concluded that MAYBE my software was OUT-OF-DATE. As a result, I needed to go back to bring my computer or pendrive in order to get up-to-date software.

With very disappointed mood, suddenly, I have a very bad feeling about a paper which appeared on the screen of my car. Yes, it was a proof our government servant who was so efficiency to give "punishment" for "lazy" people like me. I was fined by RM30 for 5 minutes illegal parking. Suddenly, I was thinking that the time of 5 minutes is just enough for me to park the car, buy a coupon and receive a fine...
With very unpleasant feeling, I went back my house to bring my computer and went back to the office to test my computer and the device. In order to avoid illegal parking, I went the surrounding to ask the local people where can buy coupon. The condition was very tension - on the one hand, I need to ask the people whether they sell coupon or not; on the other hand, I need to ensure in this less than 2 minutes of buying coupon process, I will not receive second fine....

Finally, I was informed that a vegetarian meal shop got sell coupon. My first impression was people who are doing this kind of business was so kind and even sell coupon to help other needy people like me. However, the boss told me that they only sell RM0.60 coupon with price of RM1.00. This was because if they sell coupon of RM0.60 with RM0.60, the profit margin is low... What a disappointed thing my life today again. NO PROFT NO HELP? Without discussing any more about the price with the boss, since it was very high possible I will receive another fine. I left the shop with a deep thought about the situation of this social...

After that, I went to the official and asked them to check me computer. As I expected, the problem was due to the network, instead of my device or computer... So, what should I do was just WAIT. What a bad and disappointed answer.

Although I was fined RM30.00 for illegal parking, luckily, I got 50% discount due to some "promotion". I don't know whether I am lucky or not before the promotion is from March to the end of May.

After spending the whole morning time, what I received was a fine of RM15.00, two very expensive coupons of RM1.00 each, petrol expenses of around 100KM (100 x 0.20 = RM20), drove under the very hot sun, hotline calling charges (RM8.00), my invaluable time in the morning etc.

To conclude, it is good to see our government servant so hard-working, but the way to buy coupon still very inconvenience and need to be improved; the product knowledge of the internet provider stuff needed to be improved also; lots of time was killed due to traffic on the road; current social condition is NO PROFIT NO HELP, even in the vegetarian shop. What a disappointed reality…

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Written by: Xaivier Chia


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