20 May 2011

Experience Sharing: Pen-Friend

Ten years old, the use of Internet was not so general. Besides the so-called ICQ, knowing new friends via mail was still very popural. It is very hard to imagine Facebook, MySpace, Friendster etc. in the time. In this post, I am going to share with you about the so-called Pen-friend, which was a popular word in last decade.
Having few pen-friends was exciting. Your life will full of expectation, such as when the mail will be received and replied. You need to have enough patience and belief to maintain this kind of friendship. Guess what, I have zero pen-friend now. In fact, just like any other relationship, it requires mutual patience and belief. One hand cannot clap.

Interesting Thing
Interestingly, I found some pen friends request me to send back their stamp. I was very curious about this matter. Finally, I realizes that the stamp was covered a thin glue. As a result, the stamp can be re-used after the glue is removed by using water. What a clever method. But, it is not right because it is some kind of cheating. Therefore, I personally not recommend this kind of activities. Besides, if it is free, people will generally ignore or not appreciate each letter.

I must admit that I forget the reason why I join this kind of activities. Maybe it was due to my curiosity about other people in this world. But as the time gone, I found it was very boring. Some “professional” pen-friend always replied almost similar things to me, such as:
I am busy, sorry for late reply, just ask any question to me, I don’t know what I want to write now, friendship forever, keep in touch, etc.

Can this kind of people be considered FRIEND?
In fact, I only got four pen friends, two from Johor, one from Selangor and one from Terenggaru. However, I found that many excuses from those friends to describe how busy they are - I am busy for sport competition, examination, part-time job, travel, sick, school events, many mails need to be replied etc.

For those are serious about their pen-friends or friendship, please don’t simply say “I am busy, I don’t know what I want to write now, so I just stop here etc.” Instead, ask a question, show your interest or curious or concern about your friend. How is your competition? Are you feeling better now? How is your part-job? Would you mind to share with you about your travel experience?

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Written by: Xaivier Chia


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