15 May 2011

Three Scam and Phishing Emails - Important Alert from Maybank ?

Recently, I receive few scam emails which were trying to phishing my Maybank account password, I guess. Based on the rule of thumb which I mention before (i.e. 8 ways to identify spam email), we can identify this kind of scam or phishing email in seconds. The details of these three phishing emails I received are stated as follows:

First Scam Details:
Subject: - URGENT ! Attention Required -
From: Maybank2u.com mbb-berhad3@freenet.de>

Redirect URL: http://connectmbbi01.addr.com/a3.htm

Second Scam Details:
Subject: 1 Alert Message "[URGENT]"
From:     Maybank2u.com @freenet.de>
Redirect URL: http://mmbnewm2u.addr.com/tac4.htm

Third Scam Details:
Subject: Important Alert for M2U Customers
Important Alert from Maybank :
From: Maybank2u.com @freenet.de>
Redirect URL: http://cvbupdate-m2u.addr.com/4.htm

Their contents are the same as follows


Subject: Important Alert for M2U Customers

Dear Valued Customer

During our regularly scheduled account maintenance and security verification procedures, we detected an error in your account details and security profile. This might be due to either of the following reasons:

                 A recent change in your personal information.
                 Submitting invalid information during the initial security update process.

Your account has been disabled for security reasons. Unverified accounts will be deactivated immediately.
Activate account now   - http://www.maybank2u.com.my/update/activate--


From the above details, I can summarise these scam emails as follows:

1. All of them are from @freenet.de which 100% is an official email from Maybank.

2. The link (http://www.maybank2u.com...) in this email will redirect you to somewhere at .addr.com which, although will display almost 100% similar to the official website, it is a phishing website to steal your username and password.

3. Sender or scammer normally send this email to thousand of people. Therefore, they will not mention your name in the email.

4. There scammer were really lazy and lack of creativity, who simply sent the similar email with different email addresses and redirect links to cheat people.

To conclude, we can identify this kind of scam or phishing email to avoid unnecessary lost if we spend few seconds to think very carefully about the things I mention above. Again, if it is very look like a real one, please, always go to the nearest bank or call them via their officail hotline (which can be found in their official website or bank card) to verify it.

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Written by: Xaivier Chia


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