20 June 2011

Having a Strong Reason to Invest in Stock Market - A Simple Concept to Succeed

The first step is to identify the reasons why you want to invest in stock market. Is it to earn more wealth and money? If yes, how do you define more wealth and money? How much money you want to earn from stock market? Why you want to earn so much money? To provide better lifestyle to your family? To have more money to enjoy life?
Personally, the reason why I invest in stock market is - I hope I can learn some skills which can spend my free time wisely and can generate more money to improve my life and the people I know. And then, ultimately, I can use this skill to achieve financial freedom.
So far, I am quite satisfied my progress and results in stock market investment for last 18 months. In the beginning, I spent around three months full time to study what value investment is. After that, a value investment senior mentored me in stock market investment for another three months. His advice and experience sharing are vital for me to succeed in stock market investment with confidence and peace of mind.

One of the most important skills I have learnt from stock market investment is how to analyze financial report. In the process of financial analysis, I learn how a particular business operates, what will affect a particular business revenue and profit, how to identify competitiveness of a business based on its income statement, how to determine the financial condition of a company based on its balance sheet, how to find a cash-cow company based on its cash flow, etc.

Personally, I feel I am very lucky that I got chance to learn to be a value investor in the beginning of my stock market investment journey. Besides, the mentoring from the experienced senior who spent his precious time without asking any return enhances my confidence and determination.
To sum up, the reasons for me to getting started in stock market investment are to learn some skills which can spend my free time wisely and can generate more money to improve my life and the people I know. In fact, I already achieve these objective but more time is needed to sharpen my skills and knowledge.
In the next post, I am going to explain how to do homework in stork market investment.
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Written by: Xaivier Chia


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