15 June 2011

Current Social Issues: Parenting? - Unlimited Money versus Limited Time

Nowadays, parents invest most their time on other things to earn more money. And then use the money to buy somebody time to take care their next generation.
They lose the chance to look after their own kids themselves.
After that, their kids become youth "suddenly". Parents spend more time to earn more money to hire someone to "teach" their kids to excel in academic etc.
When kids become adults, what will happen to the parents? Yes, they just spend more time to earn more money in such a way they are affordable to hire someone to look after their parents....
The history keeps go on and go on.

The lesson I learn from this scenario is: please don’t spend too many limited time to earn unlimited money. Our limited time should be spent wisely on our invaluable assets, such as our kinship and friendship.

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Written by: Xaivier Chia


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