05 June 2011

Running a Micro Business ( for Teens ) by Carol Topp - Book Review

Running a Micro Business
by Carol Topp
Running a Micro Business consists of nine chapters, which provide comprehensive guidance for teenage who is interested in running a micro business. This book discusses sales, marketing, customer services, record keeping, bookkeeping, insurance and time management.

After read Starting a Micro Business, it motivates me to read this book - Running a Micro Business in order to find out a proper way to starting a micro business. Surprisingly, the content of this book is very concise and easy to digest.
This is good to see that the first chapter discusses about Sales. I agree with the author that Sales is vital in a business. This is because Sales is the main source of income for any business. Moreover, several famous quotes enrich the content of the book and inspire me.

However, as an open-source supporter, I expect the author can mention some of open-source for potential entrepreneurs to reduce the initial cost of their business. Blogger.com, for instance, provides very user-friendly and free-of-charge (FOC) webhost, which consists of many FOC tools (e.g. email list service, subscription services (Newsletters updates) and Online Survey) to reach customers.

By the way, it is good to see the author mentions about GnuCash (www.gnucash.org), which is a personal and small-business financial-accounting open-source software. But, it is lack of emphasize on the function of this powerful FOC tool in the book. Again, as entrepreneurs, we should always try to reduce our “cash outflow”, especially at the beginning of the business.

Lastly, this book also enhances my understanding about Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. I would like to share what I have learnt from this book as follows:
To provide goods and services, which will help people to save their time or money, to feel better or fun, or to fulfill their demand.
To reach or find potential customers who require your goods and services.
Customer Service:
To maintain recurrence income, i.e. customers continue use your goods and services

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Review by: Xaivier Chia


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