03 February 2012

1Malaysia Book Voucher: Insight

Finally, I have my favourite books by using 1Malaysia Book vouchers yesterday. These books have significant influence in my life, they give me motivation and insight to improve the quality of my life. Since they are quite costly, I did not plan to own one of them and I can only read them for awhile in bookstore and library previously from time to time. Now, luckily, I can not only re-read them from time to time in my living place, but also can recommend and lent them to my sibling and friends for free.

Every plan has its pros and cons. The purpose of 1Malaysia Book voucher is undeniable good for all students who use them properly. Book can be considered as a source of idea which inspires us to be a better person when we read them. Book is also a collection of essences from great people in this world which guides us to succeed in our life. Therefore, it is vital for people to read sufficient books annually to improve their mindsets and quality of life.

Unfortunary, some irresponsible students tried to exchange their book vouchers for money. But I believe this kind of phenomanal is considered as normal as bad news exists (e.g. accidents news) in newspaper daily. I still believe that this book voucher policy will ultimately encourage students to nurture reading habits in the beginning of their learning life. At least, most of my friends start thinking what kind of books they are interested in and can be considered to buy by using the book vouchers now.

Lastly, I believe that more awareness campaign (formally or informally) are needed to let people from any level in social know and understand the objectives of every related policy from time to time to, hopefully, reduce abuse cases. To those haven't used their book vouchers, please use them wisely. To those have their favouriate books, do enjoy them.


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