07 February 2012

8 Advices from a Respected and Experienced Businessman about Life and Business

Yesterday is the 15th day of lunar new year 2012. I was lucky to meet my girlfriend's friend's father in the celebration party last night. I believe it is the so-called 'luck' or 'destiny' to have a chance to learn lots priceless lessons and advices from an experienced businessman about his life and business.
Here I summarise the top 8 advices from the respected and experienced businessman about life and business.

1. Success people must 'drink'.
Personally, I think that 'drinking' is a way to respect the one who treats you, especially when your customers treat you. There are lots of arts in 'drinking'.

2. "Fake first, then true" is more dangerous than "True first, then fake".
I believe this is because the great opportunity always hidden behind an unattractive cover. So, if we are not able to 'foresee' the opportunity (True) behind the cover (Fake), it is hard to succeed. In fact, most of the time, one opportunity is more than enough to change the whole life of a person.

3. When all aunts bring their baskets to stock market, it is the time to leave from stock market.
This is the one of the golden rules in investment.

4. We must capable to buy and hold assets when they are undervalued, and sell out all of them when they are overvalued.
This is another one golden rule in investment. When everyone is crazy about something, its value will be over-valued, and vice versa. Don't follow the majority. The majority just always do the wrong thing, together and repeatedly.

5. Help needy people based on our capability
If you have only ten cents, donating five of the ten cents to the needy people is much meaningful than the one who donates 5 of 100 thousand dollars from his pocket.

6. An age of 75 is more than enough for me
75 years is equavalent to 27,375 days. It is more than enough for me to enjoy life. And the successful of life is not counted by days.

7. God and ghost exist. Do respect them but don't be superstitious
I believe it is not the first time for me to hear about the existing of god and ghost from businessman based on their personal experience.

8. Help animals and insects too.
Yes, both animals and insects are one part of the world. We, human being, shoule respect and help them as well. Again, just like human, there are bad and good guy. Do punish the bad guy and reward the good one.

Lastly, I hope the respected and experienced businessman always happy and healthy. That's all for today. More fascinating articles and sharing will be updated from time to time in Xaivier Blog. So, you are welcome to subscribe our feed, look at our sitemap or simply visit our Homepage.

Written by: Xaivier Chia


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