15 February 2012

Review: Money Secrets of the Amish - Finding True Abundance in Simplicity, Sharing, and Saving

Money Secrets of the Amish
Finding True Abundance in Simplicity, Sharing, and Saving
By Lorilee Craker Published
by Thomas Nelson


"Money Secrets of the Amish" contains a list of savvy thrift tips to help you accumulate your first capital for your dream house, car or investment based on the generation to generation money secret from Amish. Craker collects and provides a comprehensive explanation about smart, applicable and creative thrift ideas to enhance your financial intelligent. Waste less, Want less and Spend less are not only avoid unnecessary expenses, but also save our environment and limited resources in the earth. Inspired idea such as "Money doesn't buy happiness", "Creating memories together is priceless", "The best things in life are priceless (Free)" and "Work that muscle until it was strong and lean and powerful enough to withstand temptations of all kinds" give us a better understanding about want and need, and ultimately control our desires and personal financial conditions.

Some “money secrets” I have learnt from this fascinating book are stated below:
1.   Simplicity, sharing, saving
2.   Visit resale shop
3.   Understand the Need Vs Want
4.   Implement "one in, one out policy"
5.   Using "time is money" concept to value a purchase based on your earning per per hour. Then see how many hours you need to work for a particular purchase, does it worth?
6.   Reuse & reclaim - seeing beyond a thing's previous function to its future glory.
7.   "Don't buy another sweater that you already have 5 duplicates of"
8.   De-spoil kids.
9.   Buying everything possible in bulk.
10. Buying food directly from farmer.
11. Don't be slaves to convenience.
12. Bartering goods and services.


I believe most of the tips written in this book are common tips and widespread in our community. These are uncovered money secrets, in fact. Initially, I was trying to discover some new "secrets" which I can practise to enhance my financial intelligent. No special secret is found. However, suddenly a idea appears in my mind - who says we must practise new "tips" in order to improve our financial conditions? Yes, rather, by repeating the "right tips", we do can improve our financial condition ultimately. In this book, Craker collects abundant real life examples and provides comprehensive explanation about those “money secrets” that helps me recall what I know and enhance my financial intelligent. In addition, Craker also lets me know that I am not alone in practising thrift lifestyle for better future and get rid of struggling in financial matter.

Personally, I must admit that some of the examples about Amish practices are quite "creative" and surprise me. However, I do not plan to practise all of them, accordingly. I believe these examples strongly indicate that all of us are capable to get rid of financial disasters if we can practise some the Amish's money secrets in our life. Lastly, I do find lots of my personal money secrets similar to Amish's which do bring lots of rewards in my life. Therefore, I will recommend "Money Secrets of the Amish" to my friends who ask me about tips to improve their financial conditions.

Review by: Xaivier Chia
p/s: As an investor, I must highlight that "money in the bank is safe" only valid for short term (less than one year). For long term, money in the bank loses its purchasing power due to inflation. Money is just a currency which helps us to exchange goods or services we want. We should 'park' our hard earn money in assets e.g. buying a farm as what Amish does. In addition, credit card payment is good only if you can control your desires. Because it provides convenience and extra rebates from every purchase we do.

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