15 April 2012

The Secret of Facebook to Attract People Login Daily: Notification

"somebody sees your picture just now.""somebody comments / tags your picture somewhere"
"somebody updates their status."
"your name appears in somebody discussion."
"your friend added new friend just now."
"somebody added you as his or her friend."
"somebody posts something on your wall."
"somebody LIKEs your post"

and so much more.

Are you enjoying these notifications?
Do these notification make you look like a very busy person or a person with lots of friends?
Is it necessary for us to know every up-to-date information of our friends or relatives every hour or minute even when he or she is doing "big business" in a toilet?
More specifically, is it necessary for us to update our current status every hour or daily? such as, I am eating; I am leaving; I am busy; I am in relationship; I am reading; I am sleeping.

I do believe that many social networks do a good job to provide a platform for us to keep in touch easily. However, I do see lots of people "addict" or live in "second-life" so that they can find more satisfaction. I was one of them. Sometimes, I do enjoy this kind of "life style" few days. However, when I once again ask myself that what I am going to have after finish or complete this virtue venture game, for example, my answer is always the same, that is, instant but temporary satisfaction. Just like "instant mee" or fast food, that are nice, delicious and available in few minutes, but simply lack of nutrients.

Can Facebook cure your loneliness? Maybe, but temporary.
Can Facebook help you make more friends? Maybe, but temporary.

However, I must admit that Facebook's notification really does a good job to attract people. Even like me, for instance, will also think few seconds before delete such email from my mailbox. Is the somebody comments very important to my life? What happens to me if I do not get such information or updates immediately? Do I miss a chance to improve the quality of my life? Do I loss some true friends? I don't think so, do you? In fact, the quality of life and true friends take time to build and it is quite impossible to have them in few days, it takes years.

In order to have a peace of mind in my limited life span, I already turn off all notification from Facebook so I can eliminate those unwanted signal in my life. In fact, I live in REAL world and meet with REAL friend face-to-face daily. It is the REAL life which I very enjoy, don't you? That's all for today. More fascinating articles and sharing will be updated from time to time in Xaivier Blog. So, you are welcome to subscribe our feed, look at our sitemap or simply visit our Homepage.

Written by: Xaivier Chia

p/s: Try to turn those unnecessary notification off and start enjoy "real life" today.


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