07 April 2012

The Secret of Facebook 1: Understands the Weakness of Human Being - Selfish

In the last post, I asked two questions as follows:
1. Do you log-in your Facebook few times per week?
2. Do you have a strong desire to check / update your Facebook status?

If the answer is YES, then WHY? Kill your free time? or simply because you just like it?

I believe the secret of Facebook to make so many people crazy about it is because Facebook understands the weakness of human being. Just like Warren Buffett, who knows the weakness of human being, become the great value investor in this world.

What is the weakness of human being?

Yes, all of us are selfish.
Some people work for money, which is the most obvious selfish example.
For people work for honour or personal interest, they are also selfish, don't them?
Or even people who work for charity and donation are also selfish because they have their own interest, such as, to help needy people, to make this work a better place to live, to save life etc, so that they feel better or happy.

Next, let's run a simple experiment:
In a photo of 20 people, you are one of them in the photo. Who will you look at when you see this picture at the first time? Yourself? Definitely. You will check whether your dress is nice or not, your hair style, posture, face expression and so much more is fine or not. After that, you will try to tell people around you (if any) that you are so ugly in the picture even though you are the best, don't you.

Next, what is the difference between people who take drug or beer and who do charity? Obviously, the actions are different but the objectives are the same, that is, to make them self more satisfied.

However, please don't get me wrong, what I am trying to express is: it is very normal for us to be selfish.

From this weakness (Selfish), we always make two common mistakes repeatedly, that are, Fear and Greed. Because we are so selfish, we fear to miss any opportunity that other has; because we are selfish, we greed to get more than other. Because of our desire to get more, we always fall in traps and tricks.

In order to conquer our common mistakes, we must understand that our weakness is as normal as the rain falls from the sky and the sun rises from the east. In order to understand our weakness, we should always ask two questions when we are facing major problem or making serious decision, that are:

1. Am I fear for something so that I take this action?
2. Am I greed for something so that I take this action?

If the answer is Yes of either question, please think twice again before taking any action.

1. Did you fear to miss the so-called promotion which caused you signed up or bought a lots of useless discounted products?
2. Did you greed to earn more money which caused you did many very bad deals simply because it looked like the so-called hit-it-get-rich opportunity availables in front of you sometimes?

After we have a better understanding about the weakness of human being, I will further explan how Facebook uses this to let most of us visit them frequently in the next post. That's all for today. More fascinating articles and sharing will be updated from time to time in Xaivier Blog. So, you are welcome to subscribe our feed, look at our sitemap or simply visit our Homepage.

Written by: Xaivier Chia


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