20 April 2012

Abolish the Higher Education Corporation Load Fund (PTPTN) ?

Is it a good idea to abolish the Higher Education Corporation Load Fund (PTPTN)? Personally, I quite disagree with the above suggestion in this moment. Let me share with you the reasons why I disagree it as follows:

1. More than 50% of PTPTN loan is used for living expenses for local university students.
Yes, as you all probably know, 90% of the tuition fee is already paid by government. In general, tuition fee is only around RM800~1100 per semester (depends on courses). If you receive full loan of around RM3500 per semester, after excluding tuition and hostel fee, you still got around two thousand ringgit for other living expenses per semester. Therefore, without PTPTN loan, how can a poor student like me focus on my study (without enough money for living expenses)?

2. Government already provides PTPTN "waive award" for those achieve outstanding results in their Bachelor's degree (1st class honor). Therefore, if you plan to waive your PTPTN loan, instead of "sleeping in a camp", I encourage you to put more effort in your study so you can waive your PTPTN loan when you achieve outstanding results (note: I am not sure whether government will continue this award or not. But I hope this award can be continued as one of motivations for students to put more effort in their study.)

3. If you really very "hate" PTPTN loan, I encourage you to apply scholarship for your study.

4. If you are not good in academic, but you still want to continue tertiary education (for some reasons), in the same time, you do not have enough money so you want to borrow enough money to support both tuition fee and living expenses, where can you got such loan? PTPTN? or what?

Next, let us brainstorm some consequences if PTPTN is disappeared or government simply give it Free-of-Charge to all students.

1. Discourage students to put more effort in their duty, i.e. study.
What do you so bother to study hard for first class honor? After all, we all do not need to pay back "those free money", do we?

2. Produce more undergraduate with less productivity and motivation in the future.
After graduated, we do not need to bother to find job because we are free of burden. Guess what, let's go and sleep in a camp so we have "more free money" from government.

Lastly, I want to ask a question, i.e., is that any benefit for such suggestion ( abolish PTPTN loan) for our country and all tax payers? So far, I do not see any benefit for the country and tax payers, do you?

I always believe that be a contributor is better than a receiver. If you want to receive some sort of award, do ask yourself, do I have enough contribution so I am entitled to receive such award or honor? That's all for today. More fascinating articles and sharing will be updated from time to time in Xaivier Blog. So, you are welcome to subscribe our feed, look at our sitemap or simply visit our Homepage.

Written by: Xaivier Chia


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