22 August 2012

Kulai, Johor 1 Day Trip 2012: Three Fascinating Places for Visiting

The first destination was Nanyang Natural Gallery (亚逸文满南洋大自然艺术展览馆)
Address : MLO 197, Air Bemban, 81020 Kulai, Johor, Malaysia.
Contact No : +6013-7147000 or +6012-7706889
Operating Hours : Saturday, Sunday or Public Holiday (10:00am ~ 06:00pm)

Review Visit 1:
We have be informed by the local people about the Nanyang Natural Gallery has been closed since the Chinese New Year 2012. What a disappointment. Luckily, the Nanyang Fish Farm is just located few foot steps from the Nanyang Natural Gallery. So, we can still spend some time visiting the fishes of the farm.

The second destination was Temple Hwa Kuo Shan (花菓山)
Address: Temple Hwa Kuo Shan, Sedenak Air Hitam Main Road, 28 Miles, Sedenak, Kulaijaya, Johor.

Review Visit 2:
Activities: Visit fearless yet friendly monkeys; worship for health and luck; take some picture with 12 zodiac; take "fortune" bath; drink "fortune" water; In short, refresh and re-energize your luck. Is it true? I don't know. Simply having fun with these activities is more than enough.

The last destination was Putuo Village (小菩提)
Address: Lot 1488, Jalan Kampung Felda Taib Andak, Off Jalan Kota Tinggi, 81000 Kulai, Johor.
Tel: 07-2389303
Website: www.putuovillage.com.my/

Review Visit 3:
We have done and experienced lots of activities in Putuo Village, such as visiting Old Folks Home, turning Dharma Wheel, bathing Buddha, drink the consecrated water from Guanyin Hut, worship in Stupa and Thousand Hand Avalokitesvara Temple. Since there are still many interesting facilities under construction, we are looking forward to visit Putuo Village in the future.

Overall Review:
So far so good. Overall, we are very happy about the trip in Kulai that truly enriches our thoughts and spirits. It is always quite meaningful to discover what are the fascinating places around us.

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Written by: Xaivier Chia


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