19 August 2012

MyFreeCopyright.com is a SCAM? A Short Review by Ex-User

Recently, I feel more and more uncomfortable when I have still not received any Fingerprint or MCN or copyright record from MyFreeCopyright.com. After doing some searching via most general use tool, Google, it turns out that my account has been deleted without prior notice. In other words, my account disappears as its "Terms & Conditions" written. What a surprise!!!

In my e-mailbox, I got 350 emails from MyFreeCopyright.com. It means that my 350 copyrights have been deleted immediately due to the irresponsible service provider. More terrible, it means I got 350 spam emails in my e-mailbox from MyFreeCopyright.com.

I think there are plenty content against this irresponsible provider in internet that are Googleable! Although it was quite sad for me to receive the fact that my 350 copyright records are the spam content now, I think this scammer should not have any significant impact to us, as bloggers, to share our personal insight via internet.

Indeed, the main reason for us to share our view or knowledge in our blog should be due to our desire to share something with other. Copyright, on the other hand, is a reward provided to encourage more people to share their insight so that other will receive help from our sharing.

Additionally, as an original content blog, all my published sharing is immediately indexed by Google Search Engine. In other words, I can immediately report those content thefts to Google so that their website will be de-indexed. So I believe this kind of silly people's behavior should have insignificant to our passion.

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Written by: Xaivier Chia


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can you pls help on a legit online copyright and article protector if you know any?

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