07 August 2012

Happy Investor Vs EQ Investor: When stock price is UP

Day 1:
When Happy and EQ Investors bought Stock XYZ at the same price of $1.33, and immediately the price drops to $1.30.
Happy investor: Nobody can predict future or can predict other people behaviour in next seconds, so who knows got people want to cheap sell. It is very normal as the change of weather daily.
EQ investor: I bought it too earlier. If I just wait for seconds, then I could cheap buy Stock XYZ. If..., then... If..., then... (unlimited possibility of IF..., Then.. in his mind for days)

After few days
The price is still around $1.30 plus minus $0.05.
Happy investor: No bad, look like I have bought it around its bottom with plus minus 5%.
EQ investor: My money is stuck!!! Sleeping stock!! like shit!!! Lame!!! (Sleepingless for few nights)

After few months
The price soars to $1.65,
Happy investor: It almost reaches my target price. Better counters are available. Sell it and reserve the cash for future acquisition.
EQ investor: Sell or hold? Sell or hold? Sell or hold? Oh, not, it looks like falling back. SELL!!!

Next day
The price keeps up to $1.80.
Happy investor: My mission was completed. Continue to find the next good deal. Let go.
EQ investor: WHY!! WHY!! WHY!!!

Although both Happy investor and EQ investor do the same decision and earn the same amount of money, Happy investor moves forward his investing journey, while EQ investor keeps struggling in his past action. The former enjoys in investment; the latter suffers in investment. Are you a Happy investor or EQ investor? That's all for today. More fascinating articles and sharing will be updated from time to time in Xaivier Blog. So, you are welcome to subscribe our feed, look at our sitemap or simply visit our Homepage.

Written by: Xaivier Chia


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