05 May 2010

Public Bank Berhad: Please update and verify your account information. Scam

"Please update and verify your account information !

From: Public Bank Berhad Internet Banking  <service@pbebank.com>"

Again, this email address is very convincing. But the question is... I do not have any Public Bank Account, so far. Therefore, obviously, this is another scam + spam email, again. Besides that, let me show you another two evidences to provide this is a scam + spam email.

1. First of all, please think about why the image and link location is not from or go to Public Bank Berhad?
Image location: http://pearl.com.my/images/as.jpg
Link location: http://pearl.com.my/documents/as.html

Next, according to Google, http://www.pearl.com.my is the website of Pearl International Hotel Kuala Lumpur. But since this is very weird, I not encourage to login this website.

2. If you look carefully, this is a "general junk email" because the email address of receiver is not shown in the email. Therefore, it is possible more than thousand people have received this kind of email in a second.

To sum up, this is very difficult for other people to cheat us unless we are cheating our self by dreaming "this is my lucky day".

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