21 May 2010

Public Bank: Restore Your Online Banking Access. Phishing Email

There are lots of Phishing Email in my email box everyday. In fact, I am quite used to their pattern of cheating and spamming. Sometimes, they are quite silly. Sometimes, they are quite tactic. Therefore, we need to pay attention about these kind of emails to avoid any unnecessary losses caused by our careless and nervousness.

As a blogger, I think I should share the methods that I use to identifying these kind of cheating. In fact, more than 20 posts regarding Phishing Email and scam email  can be found in Xaivier Blog to help you identifying fault and get rid of cheating. One of the most popular phishing email I have posted is about Payment by Mcdonalds. This was too popular until my blog was attacked by the phisher.

In this post, I just give you the essence about the way to identify the phishing and scam email below. First of all, do read the email below carefully.
From: Public Bank Berhad.<online.systems@pbebank.com.my>
Public Bank
Customer using a laptop for Online Banking Online Banking Alert

Important Update

Date:  19/05/2010

We employ appropriate technical security measures to protect your personal information and ensure that it is not accessed by unauthorised persons. Information storage is on secure computers in a locked information centre and information is encrypted wherever possible.

Our security procedures also provide that we may request proof of identification before we will release personal information to you. We undergo periodic reviews of our security policies and procedures to ensure that Public Bank systems are secure and protected

However, your account have been flagged by our security team. We therefore require additional information in order to restore full access to your online banking account. Click the link below to proceed


Failure to comply to the instructions stated above might lead to permanent service suspension.
© 2010 Public Bank Berhad. All rights reserved.

Unfortunately, you cannot determine whether it is a phishing email or now from this post. However, if you receive this email too, please note that the "https://www2.pbebank.com/main.html " provided in this phishing email will redirect you to "http://goldenknights.com.au/images/smilies/www.pbebank.com/www.pbebank.com/main.htm"

Therefore, obviously, this is definitely a phishing email.

In fact, you can apply the same method to verify whether a particular email is a phishing or not. 

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Written by: Xaivier Chia

Another 100% correct verification method is send an email or call the provider directly via official email address or official phone number only.

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