06 December 2010

Lessons from "English for Career Search" Class - An Experience Sharing

Do you like English?

If you ask me this question, the answer will definitely be yes.

I enjoy all of the English classes that I had gone through, especially “English for Career Search” class. I admitted that I select this class due to the reason that it does not require any test or exam. But, later on, I found that the contents that I’m going to learn from this class are exactly what I want and what I need in the near future. I appreciate everything l learnt from it.

Never Ever Limit Our Job Search to One Field only
The most significant lesson that I learnt from this class is from its assignment about job search. Our group managed to interview two respondents holding different positions in the process. Although they also studied in our field (Human Resources), but they have actively involved in other fields like sales and entrepreneurship. This helps us to realize that we should not ever limit our job search to one field only. We should open our eyes wider and explore everything around us to find out opportunities. We may involve in any field as we like if we want to. The only thing we need to do is to constantly improve our knowledge and skills so that we can encounter with any challenges that come to us.

Always Be Prepared with any Questions during Interview
The other module that helps me learn a lot is the job interview. We were arranged to attend to an interview simulation in groups. Averagely, each person was asked two questions. A variety of questions were asked and most of the questions were unexpected. I did not answer well during my session due to my anxiety. But, this becomes a great lesson to me because it reminds me that I should always be prepared with any questions during interview and answer with full confidence. Through this simulation, I am able to correct some of my weaknesses during interview and this may help me a lot during my job search in the future.

Overall, this class teaches me many things which I would never learn from other classes. The knowledge I gained from this class would be remembered well and served as a guideline for me to search for jobs in the future.

Written by: Xaivia Lim
(Xaivia Lim is an invited author in Xaivier Blog. The blogger would like to thank the author for her contributions and sharing. All right is reserved. )

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