04 December 2009

Laptop tips & tricks: Install Windows Xp in FreeDOS based laptop

Solution for Error 0x0000007B, 0xF7802524... while install Windows Xp in laptop with FreeDOS for MSI CR600, MS-1683 laptop. I just brought a MSI CR600, MS-1683, FreeDOS based laptop yesterday. Instead of spending another 100 dollar to have Windows7 startup OS(operation system), I believe I am quite satisfy to the performance of Windows Xp and there is no point for me to try another new version OS. However, reality is always unpredictable. I was stuck while trying to install Windows XP. After spending one hour for troubleshooting, in the end, the solution are stated as below:

1. Make sure you have a bootable Windows XP installer.
2. Restart your computer and press "DELETE" to enter the BIO system.
3. In the BIO system, click "Advanced", then disable the AHCI.
4. Next, click "Boot", then select the "Boot Device Priority" and change the 1st boot option to [CD/DVD].
5. Exit the BIO system after save  it.
6. You computer should be able to load the Windows Xp installer, then just follow its step-by-step instruction.


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