12 December 2009

Main Reasons Why Men Like To Stare At Beautiful Girls

Why my husband or boyfriend or friends always like to or "unconsciously" stare or look at other women or girls? Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to help men to defend their behaviour, rather presenting it in different perspective. I believe that this article can help you to be more discipline, if you are man; or to be more understanding, if you are woman. The  main reasons why men like to stare, see, watch or look at beautiful girls are stated below:

1. The perception. Open your television, most of the advertisements are presented by girls. Media tried to convince people that you have your right to see beautiful girl. But what is the definition of beautiful girl? Slim? Tall? White? Who define it? Think about that, if you have no idea who defines "beautiful girl", why do you just follow it?

2. Feel different and "proud" among their friends. "Look! I got new beautiful girl's phone number, picture, and email address.", "Look! I saw an beautiful girl just now, don't you see her?". These are quite common among guys' conversation. They just want to show something that others cannot do and to feel awesome. Think about that: What caused you feel proud or awesome? Just because you saw that beautiful girl just now? Or just because you think you should be? You should work hard to be distinction in your career and your business instead of "crazy" about staring at beautiful girls. There will be nothing after a second of "awesome" feeling.

3. Peer pressure. How if you tell them you didn't see her? You will definitely be criticized throughout the day. You will become "loser" immediately, although, you are not a loser. In fact, only the person who has been miss-leaded by others is loser. Believe yourself and do what you should do, love your wife and your family, true friends never put negative pressure on each other.

We are human and we make mistakes almost everyday. Please appreciate your girlfriend or your wife, your true friends, and your family. They are the only beautiful people to you because you are unique to them and vice versa. So, start staring at your wife, your family and your true friends today.

Written by: Xaivier Chia
All right reserved


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