04 December 2009

Blogger tips & tricks: 10 Reasons To Have Your Own blog

There are 10 convincing reasons to explain why you should have your own blog today. I had "abandoned" my blog once I signed up at 2007. It was not because I am lazy or have no idea to carry out my blog. But because I was too crazy about my achievement, my result and my performance in university. I was too crazy to improve my ability and intelligence by keep study, research and discover them. Until one day, I found that it is just nothing but a dream unless you are willing to share all of your knowledge with everyone.

It is because you will forget all of your knowledge one day in the future, the remainder will be your intelligence. As a result, I decided to share my knowledge through this blog and I have listed out 10 reasons for you to start or continue your own blog.

1. Sharpen your mind - It is quite often to see someone who have ability to do a tough job but cannot explain it to his or her boss or supervisor. They just keep doing and doing and doing... By writing blog, you have an opportunity to voice out and to express your feeling and idea about the topic. Repetition is the mother of skill. Keep writing several weeks, you will discover a new world in your life.

2. Find a buddy - It is quite hard for us to against circumstances and peer influences. What should you do if all your friends have decided to go out for fun but you have a exam tomorrow morning? What should you do if your senior told you that you should enjoy your university life but you wish you can be first class graduate? Therefore, what you need is a confirmation or a courageous to keep going your path, your dream, and your fate. By writing a blog, soon or later, you will find someone, who has\have exactly same dream and ambition as you, in somewhere in the earth. Don't be felt alone. Because it is always true.

3. It is free - Just open an account from your trusted provider such as google then you can start your own blog.

4. Save the earth -  Paperless, no need to by diary book. Easy to organize your article and decorate it to suit your personal style.

5. Keep update yourself with the world - People around the world will know you by visiting your blog.

6. Learn sometime new - Keep up-to-date technology, using a blog to impress your friend.

7. Be your own boss -  Treat it like your own company. Nurture it, build it and develop it yourself. You will feel proud when somebody give comment for you.

8. Build your learning network - Develop your network, group your people, from friends to business partner.

9. Leave a history record for yourself - What did you doing last year on the same day today? Refresh yourself and learn from the past lesson and motivate yourself from your past achievement.

10. Give you a reason to practice your writing - We all know a writing habit will change your life. Successful people love writing. Writing down all amazing things and stuff you have learned help you to recall back and track those beautiful memory and important knowledge. 

One bonus point for you:
11. Own your favourite unique address - Who knows one day you will be a full blogger. Besides that, it is very seldom to get your desired website address like your email address.


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