28 December 2009

Creative Thinking: Test Yourself with Tough Interview question (mathematic 2)

You are given one 3 litre container and one 5 litre container.

This is one of the tough interview questions which I have found. It will basically test your logic thinking and lateral thinking skills via mathematic approach. The question is:

How to use this two containers to measure 4 litre water accurately and what is it minimum step to achieve it.

Note: There is no any label on the container and it is impossible for you to obtain 1.5 litre water in half full 3 litre container. It is because all of them are in strange shape.


3 steps only.

1. Fill-in 3 litre container full then drop this 3 litre water in the 5 litre container.

2. Repeat it but there will remain exactly 1 litre water in the 3 litre container when the 5 litre container is full.

3. Empty the 5 litre container and drop the remainder 1 litre into it follow by 1 full 3 litre water.



Multibrand said...

Happy New Year, my friend.
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indianist said...

Nice, I failed lot of intervews due to tough interview question, after reading your article i learn how to face an interview thanks,,,,,,

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