24 December 2009

Bursa Malaysia tips: Free Effective Analysis tools in investment

These are some free but effective tools to start your investment in Bursa Malaysia
In other to success in stock market, first hand information plays a crucial role on it. The traditional newspapers are no longer effective in this fast-paced world, keep update the latest information will increase your probability to win in a stock market. Here we go with three related online newspapers:

1. The Edge is a Malaysia business newspaper, which provides daily e-mail alerts and NextView investment portfolio (Coming soon) when you register an account.

2. TheStar is a Malaysia general newspaper, which, however, also provides a portfolio free service for investor to manage their investment. Besides that, we can set a stock alert to be inform when the price or volume of particular stock is out of range and obtain the history data of the company to make some technical analysis. However, sign up is needed.

Next, it is necessary to familiar all game rule first in order to win the game. Therefore, I strong suggest you to read through the regulation of Bursa Malaysia to avoid unnesaccery mistakes at Bursa Malaysia official website. The information about investing basic, golden rule and terminology in stock market are provided at http://www.bursamalaysia.com/website/bm/bursa_basics/ as well.

Furthermore, there is another free service at shareinvestor to help you do technical analysis. Click the "Factsheet" then select your prospective invested stock to display its historical data in chart form. In fact, there are a lot of free tool available for us to do our homework before making any decision as stated below.

http://www.ooinvest.com/  (http://www.oomoney.com/)

Written by Xaivier Chia

Note: All contents shall not be treated as a recommendation but are solely the opinions of the author. Any action that one taken as a result of information from this site is ultimately ones responsibility. Consult your investment adviser before making any investment decisions, if necessary.
Updated: 6/12/2012
-Comments: ooinvest new website address is updated.



James said...

Hi Xavier

Would you know what has happened to www.ooinvest.com as mentioned on this page:

It seemed to have stopped posting unless it has moved to another site. Any chance you might know what it is?



Xaivier Chia said...

Hi James,

Thanks for your feedback.

Apparently, it got its new website of http://www.oomoney.com/

All the best.

Xaivier Chia said...

Hmmm... actually, www.oomoney.com is the old version of www.ooinvest.com. But somehow, only www.oomoney.com is accessible in this moment.

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