28 December 2010

Free Access to Exclusive Rich Dad Financial Education Product from Robert Kiyosaki

Most of the available financial education stuff are provided by the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad. Here are some of them I found from internet which are free of charge:

1. RichDadWorld.com – Get FREE Access to Exclusive Rich Dad Products (Register required)
“Rich Dad World’s goal is to increase your financial IQ, and bring you a world of possibilities, a world of learning, a world of understanding. A take charge world, where you’ll be equipped to take command of your finances and live a Rich life."
Get access to powerful Rich Dad products - an $800 value - yours FREE. The PowerPack includes the Choose to Be Rich online home study course, and much more. This is Rich Dad’s way of helping people succeed financially in this uncertain time. Get yours today and Share With a Friend!

2. FREE community membership to play the CASHFLOW® Web Game (Register required)

3. Free Online Simulation Financial Education Game for Kids

4. Financial Education Stuff for Teacher

5. Online Free Book - Conspiracy of the Rich

6. Online Article - Why the Rich Get Richer

Robert Kiyosaki says: “My Rich Dad said, ‘All of us have the power of choice. I choose to be rich, and I make that choice every day.’” Personally, I also choose to be rich plus happy. That's why I am so hardworking everyday.

Prepared by: Xaivier Chia


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