04 January 2011

6 Effective Techniques to Generate Life Insurance Sales Leads

In other to succeed in the business of selling life insurance products, the first step is to find a good and steady source of life Insurance. Besides, one should practice the ways of generating insurance leads. In this post, six effective techniques to generate life insurance sales leads are presented as follows:

1. Ask for referrals from family and friends
This tip is very helpful especially for the people who are just starting out in the life insurance leads business. If you don’t have that many contacts yet, you can ask for help from the people you already know such as your family, friends and any other acquaintances. List out their names and contact them. Although not all of these people may directly need life insurance, they may refer you to someone else who does.

2. Be active in the community
When you get involved and become more active in your community, people will start to recognize you. Besides, if you contribute something positive and worthwhile in the community, they will begin to trust in you. Start by sponsoring a youth sports team in your area or help organize or donate to a community event such as a barbeque. In short, establishing your name in the community will help generate life insurance leads in your area.

3. Ask your existing clients for referrals
Your existing clients can become one of your greatest assets. Be sure to build strong referral pipelines among your client base. You can ask for referrals from them directly after your appointment with them. In fact, if they are highly satisfied with your services, they might personally recommend you to their friends and family members.

4. Train your own staff to ask for referrals
If you have a secretary or an assistant who takes calls for you or manages your appointments, be sure to encourage them to ask for referrals.

5. Establish a relationship with relevant organizations
Be aware of any organizations and business associations with which you can forge a relationship. Coordinate with these groups in such a way that knowing how you can  help one another. For instance, real estate agents may be able to channel their clients who have recently purchased a house to you. Similarly, you can recommend your own clients to them if they are thinking of buying or selling a property. You can also participate in organizations in your community to broaden your networking opportunities. However, it is important to check whether there are already other insurance agents who have become members in a particular group to avoid redundancy.

6. Buy leads from a reliable source
There are insurance lead service providers who are ready to provide you with a vast resource of potential clients. For a fee, some websites will give you access to their database of clients. Be sure to pick a credible and reliable website. You can ask your fellow agents or an established insurance agent who has no conflict of interests with you for suggestions.

The bottom line on finding a good source of insurance leads is to be resourceful and diligent in pursuing the opportunities and resources around you.

Edited by: Xaivier Chia



Anonymous said...

Ths is site is useful. Although these are basic techniques very few people think about fundamentals, and I know these are tactics that are time tested. I've done sales before, not insurance but, I know some of the leading sales techniques are coming out of the insurance field. My favorite so far is going online and comparing different Life Insurance Quotes. It really puts the ball the in the customers court.

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Pawan Yadav said...

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Foxerlow said...

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