13 January 2011

Thanks for Blogger: Filtering Spam Comment Automatically

New year new resolution. I guess spammers and scammers also got their new resolutions. Don't they? So, what kind of new year resolution a spammer supposedly want? Spamming at least one thousand users in Internet every second? How about scammers, what they supposedly want in this new year? To increase 20% successful rate in email scam activities in this new year? Haha, actually, I also no idea about these kind of stuff. I am just a blogger.

Anyway, the main purpose of this post to say "Thank You" for my provider, Blogger.com. Your spam filtering system is really good. It really saves me lots of time by throwing those "rubbish" away automatically. Besides that, I would like to thank you for providing lots of useful new features in 2010, such as, Traffic Source and Statistic indicators, New Template Design, Pages, etc.

I look forward to your new services for blogger in 2011.

Written by: Xaivier Chia
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