04 January 2011

6 Useful Techniques for Getting Life, Health and Auto Insurance Leads

People in the insurance business know the importance of having a stable source of leads to market their insurance products to. Having a good source of prospects could mean higher insurance sales and can lessen the possibility of making cold calls to the wrong people. Whether you are looking for auto insurance, life insurance or Health Insurance Leads, you should practice effective techniques for finding a good source of leads. In this post, six useful techniques for getting Life, Health and Auto insurance leads are stated as follows:

1. Market your products to the heads of local businesses
You might be able to yield larger and more immediate results if you arrange a group presentation to promote your products to the heads of local businesses. You can include owners, managers and presidents of the human resource departments of different companies. Create a convincing marketing proposal and tell them how the products you offer can be advantageous to their individual employees as well as their whole company.

2. Establish a reciprocal relationship with other organizations
Be aware of organizations and businesses that you can establish a reciprocal relationship with. For instance, you could coordinate with real estate agents who might have clients to whom you can market your products. In return, you can refer your own clients who may be interested in purchasing properties to that same real estate agent. You could also join the local chamber of commerce to broaden your network of business contacts.

3. Ask your existing client base
Your current clients can also be a rich source of leads. You can ask them for referrals directly or you can send them a thank you card for their business and inform them that they can refer any of their interested friends and family to you. Additionally, make it a point to give quality and satisfying services to your clients so they can recommend you to their own friends and family without you even asking them to.

4. Try telemarketing
Your own residential street listings or phone book can also be a good source of prospects. Being creative and convincing with your marketing pitch on the phone might actually produce viable results.

5. Post links in relevant online forums
There are websites that feature insurance-related message boards. You can try visiting websites that specifically target life, health or automobile insurance prospects and post your company’s offerings and contact information on the message board. Be sure to be creative with your ad by using promotions like discounts to entice more people into sending you their contact information.

6. Buy leads from a credible company
You can also buy life, health and automobile insurance leads from a credible lead-generating company. For a fee, they will allow you to access their vast database of leads for a given period. They might also send you a sample set of leads to help you identify if they are what you are looking for. It might be advisable to buy a small number of leads from several companies so you can compare the results first.

There are actually a lot of sources and techniques for getting leads. The important thing is to be creative and to implement all of these resources to your advantage.

Edited by: Xaivier Chia


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