11 June 2010

3 Must-Know Facts about Tooth Whitening

Before whitening your teeth, make sure you have know some important information about the process involved, finding professionals qualified to perform the procedure, and possible side effects.A teeth whitening products contain peroxide as a main ingredient. It is responsible for bleaching the enamel of your teeth to make them whiter. However, when considering whether or not to get your teeth whitened, make sure you know these important facts:

1. Process involved
There are several whitening methods available, including:
* professional in-office bleaching–This method is offers the most favorable whitening benefits in a shorter time period. Although, this is the most expensive option available, this method is done under the direct supervision of your professionally trained dentist. It is best to look for a dentist near you. If you live in New York City, then a Manhattan teeth whitening professional is what you need.
* professional take-home whitening-Tthese are whitening kits prescribed by dentists and are also available in dental clinics. These kits contain highly concentrated peroxide solutions and provide exceptional whitening results in 1 to 2 weeks of use.
* over-the-counter bleaching–the most affordable option. This is the choice of many because apart from the cost, there are many selections of over-the-counter whitening products such as toothpastes, trays, gum strips, floss, and mouth rinse.

2. Options for people not qualified for this procedure
There are people unable to undergo a tooth whitening procedure. Under certain conditions, the use of any type of whitening product is prohibited when:

* your teeth have restorations such as crowns, fillings, inlay, onlay and veneers.
* your teeth have internal staining, discoloration due to developmental conditions, and teeth that underwent a root canal procedure.
* your teeth are naturally gray or brown because they may not have the desired whitening effect. However, those with yellow teeth typically show best results.
* you are a nursing or pregnant mother because there is not enough research to support whether or not the chemicals used in the procedure are safe for you or you baby.
* there is hypersensitivity of the teeth.

3. Possible side effects
Tooth whitening products are considerably safe to use. In fact, most users have been satisfied with these procedures and products. However, some individuals may have experienced any of these side effects:

* hypersensitivity during or after the procedure.
* chemical burn, which is also called soft tissue irritation.
* teeth that do not whiten after the procedure.

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