19 June 2010

How to detect hidden camera, spy camera, video recorder

First of all, all the electricity devices are needed to be turned off before start detecting hidden recorder devices.

Potential hiding place to be planted a camera or microphone:
  • Accessories like a baseball cap
  • in ceilings
  • next to light fixtures
  • electronic devices like CDs, VCRs and alarm clocks
  • common device such as a power outlet, stereo speaker or smoke detector.
  • any conspicuously placed objects such as stuffed animals, smoke detectors, lamps, picture frames or books. 
  • objects that seem to be "pointed" at areas of the room in an unnatural way.
  • under tables or chairs, or inside pots and vases.
Using a detector
  • Hidden camera detector
  • Laser detection device
  • RF Sweeper audio detection device
  • Radio Frequency (RF) signal detector
Other Action:
  • Turn off all the lights in the room and look out for tiny lights that might be green or red. 
  • Keep your ears open. (Microphones and cameras tend to make little noises as they listen or watch you.)


  • All hidden cameras and listening devices emit radio frequencies (RF)
  • The multifunctional detector uses both the latest laser frequency visual detection methods and the wide band radio frequency (RF) detection of wireless video and/or audio transmitters (bugs) all in an easy to use hidden bug detector. 
  • Any camera lenses within a 10 foot range will appear to flash red, giving away their location

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Compiled by: Xaivier Chia

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Hampers said...

spy cameras can even be placed inside gifts delivered to your home...

Xaivier Chia said...

Indeed. Everything is possible.

Therefore, I'm looking a practical way to detect spy camera.

sriram said...

where can I get mutifunctional detectors?Can u point me to any site that sells these

Xaivier Chia said...

Hi Sriram,

There are lots of site that provide this kind of product. Due to conflict of interest issue, I would like to suggest you to Google it yourself.

You can simply key-in few key words of that particular multifunctional detector you want.

Good luck.

arv u said...

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Michael Allen said...

Would a common Thermal Heat Detector gun like you would buy at Home Depot, detect a camera or microphone ?

Marlene Saffan said...

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tajmohammadshaikh said...

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Firoj khan said...

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ADENA christ said...

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