17 June 2010

Kindly Acknowledge Receipt of this Email: 3 Steps to Verify a Scam Email

There are three very obvious parts in this email tell us this is a scam email.

1. First of all, the sender's email address is not from so-called Sony Ericsson. Do you believe that Sony Ericsson not afford to buy email address for their employee but got money to give you??

2. The receiver's email address is not specific. In other words, more than one people will receive this kind of email with the same Ticket number: Sony/89bgn002876/2010. How can the company who will obtain the price. All people who show out this so-called ticket number?? Come on, this is not logic and the company will bankrupt soon this email is real.

3. Finally, please don't greed. I haven't ever applied or participated so-called the Sony Ericsson ongoing year promotion, how the company get me??

The content of this email is shown below:
"From: MR JOHN GIBBS <vt6770516@base.be>
To: info@sony.com

Acknowledge receipt of this email.

Sony Ericsson Claim Branch
Plot 2 wuse avenue,

You have been successfully approved to receive the winnings sum of
650,000pounds from the Sony Ericsson ongoing year promotion.

Fill this below form for claims:

Full Name:
Age: /Sex:
Amount Won:
Ticket number: Sony/89bgn002876/2010

Once again congratulations and happy winnings.
Mr John Gibbs
Sony Ericsson Online Agent

To sum up, please think careful, do your research and never ever be greed. If you can do these, the possibility for you to be cheated is very low. Feel free to give me a comment about this topic. It will be a great support to Xaivier Blog.

Written by: Xaivier Chia

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Sσu um sσηђαdσr . . . said...

Hi just came to say that I received the same email with the same ticket number, and I received on november 20th 2010. I'm from Brazil by the way, just for people to see how far this scams goes ... Of course I received the email in english.

Xaivier Chia said...

Thanks for the visitor from Brazil. Nice to meet you here.

Indeed, most of them (spammers or scammers or phishers) do not change the ticket number and send it out to lots of people.

Good luck and all the best.

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