22 June 2010

The Most difficult subject in my bachelor degree program(Ten Criteria)

According to my exam experiences after 4 years of degree program, which consist of about 40 final exam tests, more than 100 other tests and quizzes, I can conclude ten criteria of the most difficult subject which i had experienced.

1. Exam questions which you will never find in notes, lecturer's slides, etc. In other words, there will be no difference even if you study hard.

2. Lecturer's presentation slides are totally disorder and incomplete. They will just make you more confusing if you are trying to digest them.

3. You have no idea about what he or she tries to present during his or her lecture. More than 50% of the students are sleeping during the lecture. The remainder 50% of the students just woke up from their bed (because this is a morning lecture).

4. Always discusses about some other thing he or she interested in and do not care about syllabus of the subject.

5. Just concentrate on what he or she interested in, and he or she has no idea about students' problem or understanding.

6. Never put priority to his or her students, which is a must for a lecturer. In other words, something or someone else is more important than his or her students during working hours.

7. Always expects that you already have the knowledge so he or she can skip the part in his or her lecture even the part is in the syllabus.

8. He or she will suddenly cancel or change or postpone his or her lecture at the last minute without an official or effective announcement.

9. You have no idea what you should study even if tomorrow is your final exam day.

10. You have no idea what you have learnt from this lecturer after attend his or her lecture.

If any subject fulfills more than 6 of the 10 most difficult subject criteria, this will be a very difficult subject for me. I feel very lucky because I only meet such lecturer once in my bachelor degree. I hope I will never meet such lecturer in my life, again.

To conclude, lecturers have their responsible to make a lecture interesting and easy to be digested by their students, at least.

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Written by: Xaivier Chia

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