23 June 2010

PPStream: Display Chinese language at PPS in Windows 7

Due to default setting, PPStream might not be able to display in Chinese or Mandarin in our Windows 7. However, as Windows 7 users, it should be a peanut for you to show Chinese language at PPStream. All you need to do is to change the option of Region and Language in your Windows 7. In this post, I am going to show you how to change the option of Region and Language.

First of all, go to
  Control Panel
    Clock, Language, and Regional
       Region and Language

Next, in the Region and Language window, select "Administrative", and then click on "Change system locale..."

After that, the "Current system locale:" should be changed to one of the Chinese language. (e.g. Chinese(Simplified, Singapore)) in the selection box.

Finally, do not forget to restart / reboot your computer.

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Written by: Xaivier Chia

1.Your PPStream should display in Chinese language after reboot. If not, please try another "type" of Chinese language by repeating the procedure above.
2.For Windows Xp users, please refer to previous post.

First edited at 29th Jan 2011 - Reason: To make it more reader-friendly.



Anonymous said...

Thanks! ;D Works like a charm.

Eddie said...

Hi, thanks for the help, just wondering is there a limit as to how many times you can change it just like the DVD region option?


Xaivier Chia said...

Hi, Eddie,

Thanks for your feedback.

Did you mean "change the Current system locale..."? If yes, it should be no limit since we just change a basic option of Windows to suit our need.

As your information, it do not have any significant effect on the Windows except some language display to me (just PPS, so far). Therefore, I think you do not necessary to change it from time to time.

Best wishes

Jiawen aka Thunder said...

thx for the info!!!

Sky Acoshnet said...

Thx dude :D It's work within 5 minutes ;D (Y)

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