25 August 2010

New Features: Traffic Source, Statistic and Comment Monitoring of Blogspot

After the useful design feature, two more new features available for blogger now at http://draft.blogger.com/.

1. Stats
This feature allows blogger to track and identify which are their popular posts and which are the traffic source in their blog. The information of traffic source consists of referring URLs, referring sites and search keywords, which are very useful for blogger, as a reference, to improve the content of their blog. This is because blogger can use these functions to identify their strength, that is, which content can attract visitors. After that, blogger can move forward toward that particular direction to improve their blog and provide more related post to fulfill their visitors. 

Worry about spammers attack your Blogspot? Just like any email service, blogger.com provides a spam filter to help your get rid of spam comments in your Blogspot. However, in my account, I found that the comment which is set for "Registered Users" only, apparently, will not be affected by this service. This is quite fine since it is seldom for registered users to be spammers. For those open comment to anyone, this service can help to filter the spammer in advance and save our precious time.

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Written by: Xaivier Chia


Now, this feature is available in normal account instead of Draft only. Thanks for Blogger.com here for providing these fascinating and useful features. It really helps me to get rid of disturbances from spammers.

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