21 August 2010

The 6 Characteristics of a Successful and Competent Teacher

Besides having the right materials and sufficient training, a competent teacher should possess certain positive characteristics which cannot be purchased from a teacher supply store. These kind of positive characteristics are already within you and just waiting to be unlocked, developed and honed. Therefore, you should consider the six characteristics below if you aspire to become a successful teacher.

1. Treat all students fairly
Of course, sometimes we do have our favorite students who are both hardworking and smart among other students in the class. However, the duty of a teacher is not only teaching, but also nurturing good characteristics to the students.

2. Have a sense of humor
Sense of humor will always help to reduce tension in the classroom by creating a pleasant atmosphere for learning. Students will be more attentive in class and look forward to being in school.

3. Set a high and achievable standard
High standards and expectations will boost the achievement capacity level of your students, but it will also discourage students if it is unachievable. Therefore, teacher should always bear in mind that this kind of standard should be difference from one student to another student based on their capability.

4. Prove that you are a consistent teacher
Teacher should deliver a clear and sound set of rules in order to establish a good classroom environment that will aid students in learning.

5. Be flexible
Life keeps changing. Teacher should learn how to remain calm and in control when things like distractions and disturbances happen.

6. Have an optimistic outlook
Having an optimistic outlook is a plus for a teacher to handle problems and difficulties along the way.

In short, every teacher should practice these important characteristics for the sake of the development of young generation. Feel free to give me a comment about this topic. It will be a great support to Xaivier Blog.

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